Monday, October 27, 2014

"Happy Halloween!"-Nightmare Before Christmas "That's messed up"-Open Season "I'm not sure where to go with that." "[Heat] drains my [energy]"-Mega Mind

Hey guys, it is almost Halloween!!! I really miss carving pumpkins.   I got some great pictures from my Mom of the pumpkins and the carving and I really miss doing that.   My companion has told me carving pumpkins is a total no.   So no pumpkin for me this year, next year though, I'm carving a pumpkin.   Happy Halloween everyone!

You know what I hate?   Stereo-typing.   Like people look at me and their first thought is "Maroundgo" the next one it\s "equals money".   My companion can go into a shop and have me standing outside and he can buy something for five bucks, I can go in and buy the same thing for ten.   It is like West Side Story "one look at [me] and they charge twice. Twice!"   It really sucks.   Cause if I go in with him, they think I want the thing and he is bargening for me, so they play hard ball and wont let him bargen for a good price on something he wants.   It is really difficult.  
I am still struggling to get a hang of how people talk.   Cultural differences and things like conjugation are different, and so I am often lost.   I will ask a person a question about some simple thing, and they go on for a while about something that isn't connected to what I had asked, and I just think "right, where are we going with this?"   I love the people I just wish I could understand them easier.   I watched "The other side of Heaven" last week and I remember when I first watched it I wondered how it would be to be in such a foreign place, and now I know.  
It has been hot, and I mean hot out here.   We go to lessons, the houses don't have much in the way of ventilation, and it is just hot and stuffy and it is hard to stay awake.   I have almost dozzed off a few times, and my companion has.   The heat is intense.   In the words of my old companion Elder Hogan, the heat was like my last camping trip.   Ahhh, I miss that kid.   

We had a baptism on Sunday, only one not two.   Stuff happened that stopped the second one.   But the first one was great.   Brother Nyumtora, who's wife was baptized a few weeks ago, got baptized on Sunday, after watching general conference.   It was great.   The guy is awesome and his is super strong as well as his family.   Things are moving along and we are gonna become a branch soon' in the next few weeks hopefully.   That will be good, I love Kadoma but it is a pain in the butt to get people out there for things.   
My companion thinks that there aren't gonna be any changes in our apartment this coming transfer.   I don't really know.   Things are going well in the area, and that is usually when a change is made.   We will see in a few weeks.   
"You can't control all the circumstances of your life but you have control of your happiness.   You are the architect of it."
-Bishop Gerald Causse in the Presiding Bishpric
"If you let him lead your family, things will work out."
-Henry B Eyring 1st Councilor in the First Presidency
What better reason to be happy then to know that God loves us and lives.   What better reason to be happy then to know that Jesus is the Christ and He lives.   I got to see a few sessions of General Conference this past week end and I loved seeing as men and women of all walks of life testified of these truths.   I add my voice to theirs.   I know that what they said were true, I know we have a prophet on Earth.   How blessed are we.   
"Hello and who are you?   I'm Thor.   Thor?  Well it hurts."
"You were good kid, real good, but as long as I'm here you'll always be second best."
"Once again we want to remind you that this broadcast is brought to you by sand its everywhere! Get used to it."
"Did ya miss me?   Guess not!"
Love you all.

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