Monday, March 9, 2015

"If you're going to [lie to me be smart about it]"-Monsters Inc "I am not from here"-Rio "How [crazy] can [you] possibly be?"-Lorax

Lots of people are really stupid when they try to not have us visit them.   They will talk to us and we will ask, hey so do you stay here in Sakubva, and they will say Yeah I stay in 313 Maonde.   Then we say could we come and visit you next week and share our message with you and your family?   And they say, uh well actually I live in... Harare... and I came out here to visit my... sister... who lives in Dangamvura.   And then the make a hasty farewell and then they leave.   It is really sad that people wont just say to us that they are not interested in our message.   I wish they would just have the guts to tell us, it would be so much better.   It is an interesting way to try to get out of  seeing us though, it tells us you are not interested in the message.   

So, a fun part of being here in Mutare is that people mistake me for other American missionaries who have been here before.   Like a guy named Elder Romney who was here about a year ago, and people are all like, "I saw you here last April" and I just think no you probably saw Elder Romney.   It is cool that he left that much of an impression on the people that are here, cause it sure wasn't me they saw last April, unless they were in California.   I keep telling them that I am not from here, not sere how many believe me.

People are crazy in the things they believe about us.   Lets put it at that and leave it at that.

This week was pretty good.   We got to go see Elder Hamilton in Harare, which was good, and I loved it.   He talked a lot about putting our best foot forward, and talking with people about things that really matter, and about obedience and he told us about how well the missionary efforts here in Africa are going.   It was really good, and I really enjoyed it.   We also were blessed with a potential investigator who came to church and two less active brothers came back too.   We are trying to get things rolling here in Mutare, and it is starting to move, it is just a slow movement.

My companion is okay, a little stubborn and thick headed at times, but that is just how it goes.   He has a powerful testimony and he is a good worker in the area, and so we are working hard to get things done.   

"Insomuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land, but inasmuch as ye shall not keep my commandments, ye shall be cut off"

This message is one that is found a lot in the Book of Mormon,a declaration from the Lord to His people through the prophets that we must be obedient if we plan to be blessed and prospered.   There are some commandments that God gives us that are simply there to see if we will obey Him in all things.   It may seem easier to ignore some of the small ones if we want to, but the Lord cannot look on sin with any degree of allowance, and we are here to prove ourselves obedient to the Lord.   I know that as we are obedient we are blessed and prospered.   I know that the commandments are God's laws given to His people.

"Why can't they call the adorable snowman or the agreeable snowman for crying out loud?"
"I'm looking for the Ugly Step Sister.  Oh there you are."
"Sully, that's a cube of garbage.. oh.   I can still hear her little voice, hey I hear it too.   How many kids you got in there?'
"My diet is ruined! I hope your happy!"

Love you all.

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