Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter to Momma

Dear Momma, I am excited for the Winter, but I have no idea when it will be here, or if it will be here.   The weather is all out of wack.   It should be raining out here but it is all sunny and warm, it should be cooling off but it is staying the same, and all of that stuff it is supposed to be doing but it is not.   I hope it will cool off, but it might not.   I am trying to embrace Coach Parkhurst's "68 and Breezy" mentality he would always tell us Football players.   It is getting closer.   It is supposed to be in April, towards the end of it I think.   But I am not really sure.   

Our Sunday was good, we had three investigators at church this week.   That was nice, and one of them has a baptismal date we are working on with him.   We got out transfer news on Saturday.   I am staying with my companion, and we are now covering all of Sakubva.   Used to be there were two other missionaries there, but now it is just us.  the other two are now gonna be in Mutare Town Branch, still in our house and still in our District, I am still a District Leader, but they are what is called White Washing, meaning that they are gonna be starting with no idea about the area.   That ought to be interesting for them.   I miss our ward on Sundays, and I miss singing other songs.   My friend Elder Mushala and I always laugh because we sing the same songs every week.   We say the Green Hill is not so far away any more, and that we don't even Praise the Man anymore.   It sounds horrible, but we always sing the same old songs, I mean I wish we would change it up a little bit.   

I know that my last transfer ends on the 11th of October and that the following Tuesday I will be flying home, getting home on Thursday or Friday, depending on how things go.   I do not know the date of a definite yet, since they wont tell me for a while, but you can just go to the calendar on the phone and count out every six weeks and then boom.   

I am not very excited for the birthday thing.   They do some weird stuff on your birthday out here.   They cover you in mud and milimeal and water and they just really make it hard to want to celebrate the birthday.   It will be interesting, cause it seems to be something no missionary gets away from.   They do it to members and everything.   If it happens I will try to get you some pictures.   I forgot that I wanted one of those CD holders, I will just have to look for one out here, since the CD cases are starting to die.   But don't worry about it.   I am sure I can find one.   I don't mind when it gets here mom, I am just glad to be remembered.   I have nothing to send you on your birthday, except lots of love, and a letter that wont be there for yours either.   

I am enjoying the service, things are just a little slow out here.   I like to say we are on one of those Old Timey Hand Carts from Phineaus and Ferb and we are going up a hill.   It just takes some work.  

I miss you momma, and I love you so much.   

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  1. Such a sweet letter.Andrew is a great communicator :) I love his funny quotes but it is almost impossible to believe that he is so close to coming home! OCTOBER! Please let us know when so we can join in your welcome home talk whichever sunday that is!